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    Ansor's Silver is founded in 1956. It is pioneered by a keen and discipline craftsman named Mr. H. Ansor Karto Utomo who successfully established a bussiness in silver processing. The name of Ansor itself is derived from its former founder, namely Mr. H. Ansor Karto Utomo. The products of Ansor's Silver are not only marketed in several big cities such as Yogyakarta, Mungkid Magelang Regency, Jakarta, and Bali but also they are marketed in several countries such as Japan, Europe, America, and Australia. Ansor's silver is operating in an ancient Java Building at Tegalgendu street No. 28 Kotagede Yogyakarta 55173 Indonesia. The building is an inheritance of Dutch colony whose originality is still remains. The building was built in 1870 on ± 3.270 m2 consisting of two floors. The design is influenced by various cultures like Java with the form of high building, chinese culture with ceramic wall. According to the people who lived around, during the process of building, it would be used floor tiles which were made of Gold Coin and it had been proposed to Dutch goverment. However, it was considered as a mockery since there was a picture of Dutch Queen Wilhelmina on the coin. Dutch goverment strictly did not allow and opposed it, since if it happened, the picture of the Dutch Queen would be stepped.
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      Jl. Tegal Gendu No.28 Kotagede, Yogyakarta